Monday, 28 November 2011

Salah/Solat/Prayer :)

Where do we put our sins when we perform Salah?

Unfortunately,a lot of people rush through Salah as if they were trying to get rid of it quickly. By this act, they are losing a big reward and Ajr

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:“ When the worshipper gets up to perform the Salat, he comes with all his sins, placed over his shoulder. When he bows into Ruku' or Sajdah, his sins fall down” 

So let’s take our time in performing Salah, let’s not rush through it so we can get a full reward and so that our sins be forgiven,InshaaAllah :')
And always remember that all the matters and the affairs which we’re trying to attend by rushing in our Salah are in the Hands of the One we’re facing in that prayer

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